About Folio

About FOLIO 

The Óbidos International Literature Festival (FOLIO) had its first edition in 2015 and has become one of the main literary events in Portugal.

With a diversified program that plays out for eleven days, Folio is divided into several strategic programming areas: Folio Authors, Folio Education, Folia, Folio Illustration, and Exhibitions.

Among the various initiatives, visitors will find exhibitions, concerts, masterclasses, book presentations, masterclasses, conferences, seminars, performances, author sessions, film cycles, among many other activities.

FOLIO is a crucial part of the local development strategy. It is an event with the ambition and boldness as great as the confidence of all those who bet on the project to create one of the most prestigious literary festivals in Portugal.

This festival does not limit literature to physical book spaces, but creates unlikely relationships of humanization, understanding, and community, and makes the convergence between the space that literature occupies and the space that deals with literature possible.

Beyond a meeting platform between languages and literature, Óbidos also intends to be a stage for a discussion on current issues that concern contemporary societies.

In 2019, the theme was Time and Fear – issues such as the fear of the present, of the future, phobias, normality/ abnormality, daily life, violence, war and peace, artificial intelligence, climate change, were discussed and explored. 

In 2020, this event will debate the theme of “the Other”.