Main Attractions

Welcome to Óbidos. While here, don’t miss out on our most popular tourist attractions!

Municipal Museum

The permanent exhibition of the Municipal Museum represents the artistic production and the religious devotion of the historic town of Óbidos. This collection holds works of art of some of the most renowned names in Portuguese Art. However, it’s the collection of 16th and 17th century paintings by André Reinoso and Josefa de Óbidos that stand out.

Abílio de Mattos e Silva Museum

Abílio Mattos e Silva was a painter, set designer, and costume designer. He was born in Sardoal, in 1908, and away in 1985. Though not originally from Óbidos, this artist was raised in this town and lived here with his wife, the renowned interior designer, Maria José Salavisa. Besides showing promise in plastic arts, Abílio ended up dedicating his life to opera and theatre.

This museum reflects the different sides of the artistic activity of Abílio Mattos e Silva. It establishes a close relation with other museums and private collections, where themes related to the cultural lifestyle of the couple are explored.

Casa José Saramago

The Casa José Saramago, formerly the Pelourinho House Gallery, is now a multifunctional and multicultural space, with a library / reading room, containing all the works of Saramago in different languages. There are exhibitions, book launches and presentations, films, workshops, whether integrated in the Folio and Latitudes literary festivals or throughout the year.

Óbidos Parish Museum

The Parish Museum of Óbidos (or Saint John the Baptist Museum) is a meeting place between the community and its religious history. This museum is also an incentive to the study and promotion of the Church’s artistic and historic heritage. Currently, there is an exhibit related to the History of the Our Lord Jesus of the Stone Sanctuary.

Ogiva Contemporary Art Gallery

Formerly known as Ogiva Gallery, this space was created in Óbidos, in 1970, and open for a little over three years. These were years of great cultural intensity. Its founder, José Aurélio, at the time lived in Óbidos.

After thirty years of lacking a clear definition and presenting no activity, nowadays this Gallery is a space for exhibitions and other cultural manifestations and a mark in Art History, in local History, and in Architecture.

Santiago Bookshop

The Church of Santiago, a temple originating in the 12th century and one of the most emblematic buildings in the town is now the Bookstore of Santiago.
Located within the castle walls, in the Old Arms Square, next to the entrance of the castle, it is a space where visitors can find a great variety of books, and watch film projections, debates, book launches and exhibitions. If you prefer, just simply stop by to have some tea or a coffee.

Organic Food and Bookshop

Óbidos Biological Market and Bookshop operates in Rua Direita, in a former fire station. Here, visitors can find several organic regional products as well as rare books on Travel, Food and Wine.

Saint Mary’s Church

According to tradition, the origin of this church dates back to the Visigothic period, having been converted into a mosque during the Muslim period and converted to Christianity after D. Afonso Henriques conquered the village in 1148, consecrating it to Marian Devotion.